Professional Services
INDIVIDUAL & GROUP THERAPY for the full spectrum of Anxiety Disorders & Mood Disorders including Performance Anxiety, Social Phobia, OCD, PTSD, and Depression.
Workshops & Lectures for the Public, Organizations, and Mental Health Professionals
WORKSHOP TOPICS include: Overcoming Performance Anxiety on Stage and in Life,
Dealing With Difficult People,
Overcoming Anger, Procrastinate Later,
De-Stress Yourself DON'T Distress Yourself.

How NOT To Shoot Yourself in the Foot, Pipe Up - Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking, Carrying the Burdens of the Past Without Straining Your Back.

EAP, & Professional & Staff Development

SERVICES FOR MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS including Psychologists, Social Workers, & Pastoral Counselors:
Supervision, Skill Building Workshops

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